Video: Asking people in Bergen: What makes you happy?

After I filmed this video, I found out that the meaning of the video kind of changed a bit when I started asking tourists that answered in english. In Norwegian, I asked people "Hva gjør deg lykkelig?" which means something a bit more.. serious, maybe? At least compared to "what makes you happy". I think people consider it to be a bigger question than just what makes you feel good. When a Norwegian gets asked that question I think it can feel a bit more like "What gives your life meaning?"

Therefore, I saw that it was a bit harder for Norwegians to answer than the foreigners. In lack of a good english word to replace "lykkelig", I chose happy. But still, the point with this video is maybe to show that there is not that big a difference between these words. Not really. Because I feel like what makes your life worth living, is all these "small" things (like a cup of tea, a good book, a concert etc.) that all together make your days feel good, and therefore your life good. I think it's all about collecting all those small, precious moments and to be thankful of the small glimpses of happiness each day.

An example of this may be my long distance relationship with my boyfriend. The situation is not ideal, and sometimes I really hate being away from him. (Actually most of the time) But that doesn't mean I can't be happy/lykkelig? Because some days, when I sit on the bus and the sun is shining and I listen to a really good song as I'm on my way to pick him up at the airport, nothing could feel better at that moment. Or maybe another day, when I feel really proud that I dared to move to a city all by myself to study what I really I want, and it's friday and I'm going to make tacos while I skype with my boyfriend until my cousin comes over to watch TV. I can also feel happiness all around me at those days.

Happiness is not something that is just given to you in the future. It's something that's given to you in small (maybe even big) glimpses each day, and it's all about appreciating them and discovering them.