While I stayed at Marys house, they suddenly came up with the idea of going on a little trip to South Dakota. We drove the car, and brought the camper to sleep in. I think we drove for about ten hours. Wow, that makes me think about how big this country is. Imagine everywhere you could go if you drove for ten hours in Norway, and here in the US we only got to the next state. Crazy to think about.

And also, it's weird for a Norwegian to be in a car for ten hours, and to see that the person driving barely have to turn the steering wheel. Because this was the landscape for the most of the trip:

We set up the camper, and the area around was really nice. (even though the bathrooms reminded me of something from a horror movie at night, so I never wanted to go to the bathroom alone at night, haha) 

I guess our main goal on our trip (except just having a nice time and to get away for a while) was to see the Mount Rushmore. So that we did:

There's always something mind blowing by getting to see something you've heard so much about and seen on pictures in real life. And to get to see Mount Rushmore was pretty awesome! Later, we took some kind of an old train.

And the sky suddenly became beautiful. Wow, look at this.

The weather was beautiful and it was sunny and hot, and suddenly, right out of the blue, it started hailing. And it was so big that you just had to stand under something. This may not be big for Americans, but in Norway, the hail never gets this big:

We also went to the Reptile Gardens.

It was a lot of fun at the time, but now, I would probably not go to something like that. I don't know. It's just that I don't like the idea of animals being locked inside.. I guess I've never liked that, but it's just been so normal to go to the zoo/reptile gardens and I've never really thought about how it is for the animals. But yeah, we still had a nice time, though.

Sometimes we ate out at restaurants, sometimes we barbequed something at the camp. One night, we went inside the car, because the thunder and lightning was insane. I read books and relaxed down by the lake and we had a really nice time.

Thanks to Mary and Mike for bringing me on their family vacation! <3