Hi everyone! Here comes part 2, the part about our trip to Duluth.
Me, Sandy, Sandys daughter and one of her granddaughters went to Duluth, just for a couple of days. Duluth is in the eastern part of Minnesota and right next to Lake Superior, which is the largest of the Great Lakes of North America. Duluth is also very close to Wisconsin. If you just cross a bridge, you are in another state.

We slept at 'The Inn On Lake Superior'.


We found a really nice candyshop, where I bought the chocolate covered strawberry, and these two:

Our hotel did the nicest thing, in the evening they gave everybody free marshmellows, chocolate and crackers and made a campfire outside so that we could make s'mores. It was so cozy. A lot of guests eating s'mores, while one guest sat down and played guitar and wow, it was just so nice!

Our second day there, I ate this extremely healthy breakfast, haha:

If you cross this bridge, you are in Wisconsin!

Ah wow, it was so beautiful here! And it looks like we stand by the ocean, but really it's just a big, big, lake.

This is the cutest icecream-shop I've ever seen!

I bought some vacation-bracelets.

We visited the most beautiful recordshop. I want to go back!! (sorry for the bad pictures by the way, but for some reason I found it very embarrassing to take pictures in public in 2013, so I tried to be as quick as possible, and therefore the result didn't end up that good)

I found this a bit funny, since "takk for maten" is something we say in Norway after we have been eating. It means "thank you for the food", and people often say it after they've been eating a served meal. I guess it might have been a Norwegian café/café run by people of Norwegian heritage, and I would love to take a look inside, but unfortunately the café was closed/empty.

We went to a beautiful park.

We ate good pizza.

It was just a nice, little getaway to a beautiful town.
I love to look back at these photos, but at the same time it irritates me. Why didn't I take better/nicer pictures?! And I also feel like there are a lot of things I didn't document/take pictures of. (I could have done this so much better today! But this is after all almost three years ago, and I took a lot of crappy pictures) But at the same time, I think that's a good sign. Because that means that I had a nice time. That I felt alive. That I really enjoyed my surroundings and took pictures that I stored in my mind and my heart, instead of constantly feeling the need to take thousands of pictures and to document everything. And that is actually pretty wonderful.

Part three, the part where I travel to North Dakota, will be posted tomorrow!