I don't remember how long i stayed in Minneapolis with Sandy and Norman, but I think it was around two weeks or so? After a couple of weeks, they drove me to Alexandria, Minnesota. In Alexandria David (my stepdad) and Darren (my stepbrother) picked me up. It was so incredibly nice to see them again. I had not seen Darren since 2007, and David since 2008 (or was it 2009?) when he came and visited us in Norway. David lives in a little town in North Dakota called Michigan, but works with constructrion a couple of hours from home, so he stays there and go home for the weekends. Darren is one year younger than me, and his birthday is the day after mine. While I were there this summer, he lived in Davids house and worked in Michigan with fixing cars. Since I'm originally an onlychild I've always been so grateful to still have a brother! 

This is David, and his adorable dog:

We went straight to Thompson, where my aunt lives. Since David worked a lot, I was mostly going to stay in Thompson with my aunt, uncle and my two cousins. My first evening there, they had a dance. Fun!

I love that everybody I stayed with had dogs. I love dogs! Mary (my aunt, that I lived with. She is Davids sister) has two dogs. Meet Duchess:

And here is Odie, that I also met in 2007:

As you can see, my hair is suddenly blonde. Or, I'm trying to get it to become blonde, but it was a hard process. Also, we did it at home (maybe not the smartest thing but oh well), so my hair looked like this for a while:

But eventually it looked like this:

A couple of weeks later, there was a dance in Michigan and that was also a lot of fun.

Me and my brother, Darren:

And oh my god, If you guys living on this island thought the landscape here was flat (we have like one mountain here, which should not have been called a mountain at all, haha), it's nothing compared to North Dakota. This is North Dakota, everyone:

I loved staying in Thompson. My aunt is the coolest, and I love my cousins! But of course, because my aunt and uncle worked, and the kids were either at school/visiting friends, there were sometimes long days. But I knew that when I went there, and I am a person that does not get bored easily. So I still had a lovely time. The weather was awesome, I layed outside the house and worked on my tan (haha), read books, listened to music, watched Ellen Degeneres every day (except the days I forgot), watched movies and had a great time. But even though they were busy some days, we still had a lot of fun.

One day we went to Nathans (my cousin) baseballgame:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch became my new favourite cereal.

We often visited Michigan. One of my favourite things to do in Michigan was to steal uncle Dan's golfcart and drive around. I feel kind of stupid, but I just loved driving around in the golfcart, haha! (And by the way, that is actually pretty  normal there it seems. To drive around in a golfcart. It's a small town. Hey, we should totally do this in Norway as well, haha. Can you imagine me driving in a golfcart on my way to work? Haha)

I visited Joyce in Michigan. She is such a wonderful and kind person!

We celebrated Madisons birthday!

This is uncle Dan. He is awesome.

Me and David in the golfcart, and me, Mary and Maddie.

People that know me know that I for some weird reason am scared of cats. But I even pet their cat, and got used to having a cat around. I don't remember his/hers name, but he/her was adorable! Except the night where she got into my room and scared the shit out of me. Haha! I was not prepared, and suddenly I saw a cat in my bed.

In Michigan, there's a golf course, and we spent many hours out on the course. I tried golf but I sucked, so I mostly drove around in the golfcart and ate sunflowerseeds and chocolate while I watched the others play. So much fun, and the weather was so nice! 

Sometimes we went to Grand Forks to eat at a restaurant. One week I ate tacos six times. Haha, yummie! And look at this adorable restaurant! It was so beautiful. I think this was in Fargo or something, I don't quite remember.

I ate so much crap this summer, and when I look back at some pictures I see that I actually gained some weight that summer, haha. Not weird when I think about everything I ate. But I don't care. I love food.

We also went to something called Demolition Durby. So redneck! Seriously, people in the audience were fighting, haha. Intense. But I loved it! And it was so much fun, especially since Darren attended! For you Norwegians that don't know what Demolition Durby is, it's basically that there's several cars on the "field" that are going to crash into each other, and the car that lasts the longest wins.

Me and David also went to a car race.

Sometimes I helped in church.

I visited some relatives in Grand Forks. We ate at a mexican restaurant. This is the adorable Anna!

Often I skyped with my weird family in Norway.

One thing I really missed while I was there, was Norwegian chocolate. No chocolate I've ever tried can compare to Norwegian chocolate. So when I actually found Norwegian chocolate at a store somewhere in Grand Forks (or was it Fargo?) I got sooo happy.

I got some tattoo inspiration at a toilet (yup) when we visited someone in Grand Forks, and that resulted in a second tattoo. I took it in Fargo and it turned out beautiful.

Darren also got a new tattoo that day, so we celabrated at Texas Road House later that evening and we had to take a picture of our new tattos.

We celebrated adorable Zaden's birthday. Zaden is my cousin's son.

And way to fast my weeks in North Dakota was over. Here's some pictures of some of the last days there:

North Dakota has a special place in my heart. The summers I've spent here have been some of my best summers ever. I am so incredibly grateful that I have these people in my life. I get so sad when I think about that I can't see them as often as I want. A plain ticket to the US is expencive, and it's hard to find the time to go there. But still, it's so wonderful to know that they are always there for me. I can call them whenever I want, and write to them. And it's nice of them to let me stay there for many weeks. I love all of you, and I really can't wait to visit you again. You all mean so much to me!

/ I also traveled with Mary and her family on a little trip to South Dakota.  More about that in a later post!