Hi there! I've decided that I want to write this blog post in english, so that my friends and family in the US also can understand it. Today I'm going to tell you about the wonderful vacation I had the summer of 2013. I blogged a bit while I was there, but that was at a different blog, and since I have some new readers now, I want to tell you about my trip. Again.

So, I celebrated that I soon was going to graduate at my school  by buying planetickets to America in the spring. I was so excited, and annoying, because the trip was basically all I ever talked about these last months of school. So yeah, you can say I was pretty excited. I am so lucky that I have a stepdad in North Dakota (he and my mom are not married now, but we still keep in touch, and I'm so glad we are), and that means I also have stepaunts/uncles/cousins there. We also have some relatives in Minnesota, who are related to my grandma. Their ancestors moved from Norway to America many years ago, so yeah. You get the picture.

So, at the end of June 2013, I got on a plane. First from Molde to Oslo. Then from Oslo to Reykjavik (Iceland), and then from Reykjavik to Minneapolis, Minnesota. When I walked out of the airport, the wonderful heat was the first thing I met. Then I met this guy (in the picture below) who was waiting for me. While Sandy (the woman at the picture) was at home, waiting.

This guy is called Norman, or Norm, and is the one that is related to my grandma in Norway. Sandy is his wife, and they live together with their dog Max in a cozy house right outside of Minneapolis (Or maybe it is in Minneapolis? I'm not quite sure of the correct geography here, haha) After hours and hours of traveling, and a lot of tears (I'm so scared when I travel by plane. But thanks to a very nice lady that sat next to me, the travel went a lot better than I would have thought. She held my hand and calmed me down. Sometimes I just love people!) it was so nice to see some familiar faces. Since my mom was married to an american (who btw is called David, more about him later!) this was my fourth time in the US. The first was in 2000 (their wedding), then we were there in 2001, and in 2007. So I knew Sandy and Norm from earlier vacations, and they've also visited Norway. We've always been there for about two months or so. Because it is so expensive to travel, we want to stay there for as long as possible when we finally visit. So this time, I was also going to stay here for two months. But yeah, where was I? Oh yeah: I was so relieved when Norman picked me up! He drove me to their house and I gave Sandy a big hug and snuggled with Max. Sandy and Norm are some of the nicest people I know, and I feel so grateful that I could ask them if I could stay with them for a couple of weeks while I visited. And Sandy loves to do fun stuff. So while I were there for a couple of weeks, we:

Went to some kind of a parade in one of the neighbourhoods:

Then we went to some kind of a fair/festival not that far away, where I tried cheese curds. I didn't try any of the rides, because I'm such a wimp. I just hate rollercoasters and all kinds of rides. But I still had a lot of fun!

We went for nice walks with their adorable dog, Max:

We went to the local coffeshop sometimes (when my longing for WiFi got to intense) and skyped with my mom back in Norway:

One day, me, Sandy and their granddaughters went to play some minigolf! I love minigolf!

I enjoyed a lot of hours outside in the sun. Sandy and Norm didn't quite understand my fascination with the heat, but when you come from Norway (especially from the part of Norway where I live) you want to enjoy every single bit of the sun you get. Therefore, it felt so nice to enjoy the heat and the sun while I had the opportunity (for two months!) And also, I have to admit: I wanted to get a tan.

On the fourth of July, me and Sandy went downtown to Target Field, to watch a Twins-game. I don't understand everything in baseball (and wow, the game lastes for hours!) but it was still so much fun. The arena was huge, the weather was beautiful and I got to eat a pretty decent cheeseburger while I was there, so yeah. I had a wonderful time!

Then, later that evening, we went to see the fireworks. 

Just a couple of days later, on July 6th, it was my nineteenth birthday, and I got to decide where we would go out to eat. Of course I chose Texas Roadhouse, one of my favourite places. Yummie! I drank some pink lemonade and ate a delicious steak.

We of course went to the Mall of America (!!), where I spent way to much money.

I'm not even that fan of One Direction, but I just had to..

I even bought a new dress that I wore on my birthday.

One day we went to church.

I had such a great time! A big thanks to Sandy and Norm, for letting me stay with them, and for making my stay there so fun and great. In part 2 I will show some pictures from our little trip to Duluth, Minnesota! I'm looking forward to show you some pictures from that trip, because I really liked Duluth. Such a nice place! Stay tuned!